Thursday, September 27, 2018

Reminder from STM Newsletter

Dear Friends,

Next Wednesday is the Feast of St. Francis. Click here to learn more about the life of this well loved saint. Did you know that St. Francis designed the first Nativity set? In honor of his feast day and his love of animals we will have an opportunity to have our pets blessed. Please join us next Thursday, October 4th, directly after the 3:00pm dismissal in the school yard. You are welcome to bring your family pets, pictures of your pet, or anything else that represents your pet that you wish to have blessed. Sorry, we cannot accommodate your pets in the classroom during the day.

We do need to remind you that when it comes to adults being present in the schoolyard after school, the directives from our insurance company are specific. In the afternoon, the schoolyard is reserved for students who have checked into extended care only. Parents waiting to pick up students from the later dismissal need to wait outside the gate. Only parents picking up their TK/K students or children from extended care may enter the schoolyard at dismissal. If your child takes after school classes such as guitar or band, or they have sports practice, we ask that you remain outside the gate and wait for their activity to end.

Students with practices later in the afternoon are required to either leave the campus at dismissal or check in to Extended Care. They may be checked out by either a parent or a coach (with written permission) when it is time to attend their scheduled practice.

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