Monday, September 24, 2018

Homework Monday, Sept. 24th- Thursday, Sept. 27th

Monday, Sept. 24th

Superkids- Study for Spelling test tomorrow. 
( The spelling list should be in the red folder. Spelling words are written in the planner by Friday, Sept. 21st date. )

Math workbook page 3-2

Write weekly goal in planner.

  • Read 15-20 minutes a day, which equates to 105- 140 minutes per week. However, depending on the ease with which your second grader reads, parents can encourage more or less reading at home. 

Tuesday, Sept. 25th

Superkids- Review all Superkids spelling words and workbook pages. Superkids End of Unit 1 I-pad test is on Monday. 

Math workbook page 3-4

Social Studies- CA Studies Weekly #6

Wednesday, Sept. 26th

Math workbook page 3-6

Social Studies- CA Studies Weekly #7

Thursday, Sept. 27th

Math- Topic 3 Test tomorrow. Review homework and classwork.

Please sign planner if student achieved his or her goal.

Social Studies- CA Studies Weekly #8

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