Monday, November 12, 2018


Monday, Nov. 12th 

Superkids- End of Unit 2 test on Friday  (Review Unit 2 spelling words and workbook pages)

Bridges homework due on Thursday

Turkey Writing handout due Friday (Write a story to go along with the Turkey picture. Skip lines.)

Writing Process:

1. Plan: Think of what you want to write

2. Draft: Write your first draft. (On binder paper)

3. Revise: Make your ideas clearer.  (Ask an adult or  an older student to help you.)

4. Edit: Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. (Use a dictionary to look up words.)

5. Publish: Make your work look nice and share it with others.  (Write your published copy on the white Turkey paper. )

Math- page 5-5 & Math Topic 5 test on Friday

Compliments due Friday

Weekly Goal due Friday

Tuesday, Nov. 13th 

Math -page 5-6

Wednesday, Nov. 14th 

Math- page 5-7

Bridges homework due tomorrow

Thursday, Nov. 15th

Superkids- End of Unit 2 test tomorrow

Turkey Writing handout due tomorrow

Math Topic 5 test  tomorrow 

Compliments & Weekly Goal due tomorrow

Please bring in a favorite book to read.  You will be reading the book to a TK student on Monday.

No homework next week. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

Friday, November 9, 2018

2nd Grade Thanksgiving Party- Tuesday, November 20th

Please respond below/comment if you would like to bring in food. Write what you will be bringing to the class party. Please bring all food at arrival. You must bring in enough food for 21 students. All food should be washed, cut, and easy to serve. Only one item from each category will be allowed. Also only parents who signed up on this blog ahead of time may bring in treats for the party. Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy Thanksgiving! * No homework Thanksgiving week*

Food for Thanksgiving Party

Cultural Food



Sweet Treat
  1. Mason- donuts

Salty Treat
  1.  Assorted chips - Gavin


  1.  Bella 

1.  Peter 

Monday, November 5, 2018


Monday, Nov. 5th 

Superkids page 49-50
Spelling Test on Friday

Mr. Johnson's group- backpack pages due Fri.
Bridges group- homework due Thursday.

Math- Finish page 5-3 & Turkey Math (add numbers, color by number, cut out Turkey square, glue onto orange paper) Write name in pencil on back of side of orange paper.

Star of the week-  10 Thoughtful compliments due Fri.  Remember to decorate the paper.

Weekly Goal due Fri.

Tuesday, Nov. 6th

Math- workbook pages 5-3 & 5-4

Social Studies-  Today is Voting Day. Talk about the election and why it is important to vote as a family.

Wednesday, Nov. 7th 

Turkey handout

Bridges homework- due tomorrow

Thursday, Nov. 8th 

Spelling Test tomorrow

Mr. Johnson's group- backpack pages due tomorrow

Star of the week-  10 Thoughtful compliments due tomorrow.  Remember to decorate the paper.

Weekly Goal due tomorrow

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Important Dates

2nd Grade Family Mass is Dec. 2nd at 10AM

Reconciliation- TBA

Mandatory Parent Sacrament Meeting- TBA

Communion is May 11th at 10 A. M. 

Monday, October 29, 2018

Homework for parent teacher conference week/Halloween

Superkids- Spelling Test on Friday

Mr. Johnson's group- backpack pages due on Friday 

Bridges Program- homework due on Thursday

Please bring an old recycled bag or bucket for Trick or Treating on Wednesday. 

Find Books that Match Your Child’s Measure

Here’s how to get started:
1. Go to
2. Enter your Lexile measure. If you don’t know your Lexile measure, you can
search for books based on your grade level.
3. Choose interest categories.
4. View and refine the search results. As you browse books, click the “Find This
Book” button next to the book title to check for availability at the local public
5. Add books to your reading list. You can print the list or email it to yourself, librarians or anyone else you choose.

Choosing Books Above or Below Your Child’s Lexile Range

For the most part, it’s best to choose books within your child’s Lexile range. Your child
will comprehend them better without getting frustrated. However, there are times when
you might want to choose books below or above a Lexile reader measure.

● Materials with a higher Lexile text measure can be a good challenge for
advanced and enthusiastic readers. A hard but interesting book can open the
door to other books on the same subject.

● Materials with a lower Lexile text measure often helps struggling and reluctant
readers to build confidence and skills with less challenging books on their topics
of choice.

If Your Child Doesn’t Have a Lexile Reader Measure

You can still find books and build reading lists without a Lexile reader measure. Find a
Book can estimate a starting Lexile range based on your child’s grade and comfort with
the reading materials at that grade level. Then, based on the book search results, you
can further refine the Lexile range to select books that best support successful reading.
Is it Age-Appropriate?

Lexile Codes

Lexile measures are a quantitative measure for text complexity. They don’t address
whether the book is appropriate for your child’s age. Some books also have a two-letter
designation that appears before a Lexile measure called a Lexile Code . This code (for
example, AD580L) provides more information about the book’s developmental
appropriateness, reading difficulty and common or intended usage.