Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Homework 9/4-9/14

Tuesday, Sept. 4th

No written homework.

Study for Spelling Test on Friday

Work on Goal.

Please bring in an empty box for STEM class on Monday.  Any box will do. 

Wednesday, Sept. 5th 

Superkids- workbook pages 11 &12

Math- workbook page 2-4

Thursday, Sept. 6th 

Superkids- workbook pages 13 & 14

Spelling Test tomorrow.

Math- workbook page 2-5

Remember to bring Mass Card to Back to School Mass this Sunday! 

Monday, Sept. 10th - Thursday, Sept. 13th - Go To Back to School Mass and Go to the Book Fair (at any time during the week) and receive No Homework for the Week!  If you can't come to back to school mass or go to the book fair,  read a book of your choice and draw a picture of it. 

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