Monday, November 12, 2018


Monday, Nov. 12th 

Superkids- End of Unit 2 test on Friday  (Review Unit 2 spelling words and workbook pages)

Bridges homework due on Thursday

Turkey Writing handout due Friday (Write a story to go along with the Turkey picture. Skip lines.)

Writing Process:

1. Plan: Think of what you want to write

2. Draft: Write your first draft. (On binder paper)

3. Revise: Make your ideas clearer.  (Ask an adult or  an older student to help you.)

4. Edit: Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors. (Use a dictionary to look up words.)

5. Publish: Make your work look nice and share it with others.  (Write your published copy on the white Turkey paper. )

Math- page 5-5 & Math Topic 5 test on Friday

Compliments due Friday

Weekly Goal due Friday

Tuesday, Nov. 13th 

Math -page 5-6

Wednesday, Nov. 14th 

Math- page 5-7

Bridges homework due tomorrow

Thursday, Nov. 15th

Superkids- End of Unit 2 test tomorrow

Turkey Writing handout due tomorrow

Math Topic 5 test  tomorrow 

Compliments & Weekly Goal due tomorrow

Please bring in a favorite book to read.  You will be reading the book to a TK student on Monday.

No homework next week. 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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