Monday, November 26, 2018

Homework Nov. 26th- Nov. 30th

Monday, Nov. 26th 

Superkids- finish pages 53 & 54

Mr. Johnson's group - backpack pages due on Friday

No Bridges Homework 

Spelling Test on Friday 

Star of the week compliments due on Friday

Goal due on Friday

Tuesday, Nov. 27th

Superkids-  finish pages 55 & 56

Math page 8-1

Social Studies- Review Questions (Stapled packet)
Social Studies multiple choice test on Tuesday Dec. 11th 

Wednesday, Nov. 28th 

Superkids-  finish pages 57 & 58

Math page 8-2

Practice using coins and dollars for Santa's shop.

Thursday, Nov. 29th  

Spelling Test Tomorrow 

Mr. Johnson's group - backpack pages due tomorrow

Star of the week compliments due on Friday

Goal due on Friday

Practice using coins and dollars for Santa's shop.

Bring in sandwiches for the needy tomorrow! 

2nd grade & 7th grade Family Mass on Sunday!   2nd grade students will sit as a class in the first 2/3 pews of the church.  No homework on Monday if you attend mass or bring in sandwiches for the needy. 

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