Monday, October 1, 2018

Homework- Oct. 1st- Oct. 4th

Monday, Oct. 1st

Superkids- Review Run on Sentences sheet.
What is a run on sentence?

Math- Review Topic 3 test. Fix mistakes.

Social Studies- Review CA # 7 & 8. Fix mistakes.

Do not turn any papers back into me. 

Tuesday, Oct. 2nd 

Math- workbook page 4-1

Social Studies- CA #9

Wednesday, Oct. 3rd

Math- workbook page 4-2

Superkids Writing-  Important vocabulary to practice using at home:

Run on sentences
Complete sentences




The Writing Process
1. Plan
2. Draft
3. Revise
4. Edit
5. Publish

Thursday, Oct. 4th 

No homework. Have a great Weekend!

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