Thursday, October 11, 2018

Halloween Party

2nd Grade Halloween Party- Wednesday, October 31st

Please respond below/comment if you would like to bring in food or craft items. Write what you will be bringing to the class party. Please bring all food at arrival. You must bring in enough food for 21 students. All food should be washed, cut, and easy to serve. Only one item from each category will be allowed. Also only parents who signed up on this blog  ahead of time may bring in treats for the party. Thank you for your cooperation. Happy Halloween!

Food for Halloween Party


  1. Grapes & Apples - Sara


Sweet Treat
  1. cupcakes or donuts- Brandon

Salty Treat
  1. Mason 

  1. Oliver 

  1. plates and napkins Peter & Bella

1. plates and napkins Peter & Bella

Other- Non- Food item
Example: pencils, or stickers, or glow sticks, or erasers
1. stickers- Marcus
1. glow sticks- Amanda
1. pencils & erasers- Maddie

Crafts for Halloween Party/Day
See link

20 Mandarin Oranges  (We will be using them as mini pumpkins and decorating them with a sharpie.)
1. Mandarin oranges- Gavin

Bag of candy pumpkins

Bag of mini marshmallows
1. Bag of mini marshmallows - Gabriel Presa

Bag of gumdrops

Boxes of toothpicks (100 toothpicks)
1.  Jay